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Fajate Virtual Sensuality 1381 Thermal Full Body Minimizer

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The perfect figure is no longer beyond your reach! Allow this Thermal Full Body Minimizer to show you the benefits of a key-point compressive bodysuit!

The key-points that the bodysuit works on are: a flat abdomen, a well defined waistline, a butt-lifting effect and toned legs. The front easy-access zipper closure makes the bodysuit easy to put on and take off, while the removable straps, and crotch opening, offer extra versatility. Enjoy a smooth silhouette and the accentuated natural curves of your body, in any outfit!


Flattens Abdomen: Internal latex band that by its thermal action burns fat and toxins which are than absorbed in its cotton layer. Special band that raises the gluteus. Its design helps raise the bust. MEDIUM COMPRESSION BAND that shapes the figure.


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• Enhance breast

• Enhance waist line

• Internal latex for thermal action

• Flatten abdomen

• Lifting buttocks

• Molding legs

• Opening lingerie part

• Removable straps



  • The effect is enhanced with physical activity.
  • Raises the gluteus.
  • Helps define lower, medium and top abdominal.
  • Molds the hips.
  • It can be used with reduced gels.
  • Reduces in a natural way.
  • Zipper