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C Crane CC WiFi Internet Radio with Clock, Alarm & 99 Memory Presets




Most people get a wifi radio so they can listen to their favorite stations with perfect clarity. With the CC WiFi Radio the stations are always clear, no matter how far away they are. You are also able to pick up stations on the CC WiFi that are difficult to get on a computer.

We’ve all had that period in our life, usually when we were younger, that gave us the most exciting and memorable times. Music was probably a big part of that and the CC Wifi lets you travel back in time and relive memories and feelings you thought you might never have again. You can receive your favorites anytime, anywhere with perfect clarity and maybe even a few tears. You can also listen to your favorite talk show or discover something new from an immense library of audio from all over the world in all languages.

With over 16,000 stations to choose from, you can find 10 or maybe 100 times more news and music with the CC WiFi than any other type of radio. For example, you will find about 500 stations each of Jazz or Classical music to choose from. The radio can access these stations from any place in the world where high speed internet is available.

The CC WiFi has good audio for its size and it can be connected to your stereo system directly for superb audio.

Your WiFi network's name and password are necessary to use this radio.

In the Box: CC Wifi Radio, AC Power Adapter, Remote Control, Instruction Manual, One Year Limited Warranty.



• Search by location and genre at the same time

• 99 presets, clock with 5 alarm settings

• Sleep timer, remote control

• Wirelessly streams music or audio from your pc or mac



• Input Power: Radio: AC Adapter 100-240V 50/60Hz 7.5VDC 1500mA center tip positive

• Remote control: CR2025 Battery

• Audio Output: 1.5 Watts RMS

• Speaker: Full range dynamic speaker (2.5") 8 ohms 5W

• Station Aggregator: Reciva based

• WiFi: 802.11b and 802.11g

• Security: WEP, WPA, & WPA2

• File Formats: RealAudio®, Microsoft Windows Media™ Audio, MP3, AAC MPEG 4, AU, WAV, AIFF

• Display Lines: 2

• Earphone Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo

• Line Out Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo

• Presets: 99

• Sleep Timer: 15-195 minutes (15 min steps)

• Alarm: Yes, 5 Independent

• Clock: 12/24 Hour Modes

• Dimensions: 6.5" W x 3.9" H x 3.9" D

• Weight: 1lb 2.6 ozs

• Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warrant

• Included Accessories: AC Adapter, Remote Control, Manual


How do I reset the WiFi Internet Radio back to factory defaults?

Depress the BACK key several times until you get to the top menu which should give you one of the following three choices: CONFIGURE, STATIONS, or MEDIA PLAYER. Choose CONFIGURE by turning the knob and pressing SELECT. Turn the knob again until FACTORY RESET is displayed and then press SELECT again. The Display will now say FACTORY RESET COMPLETE. You must wait for the radio to restart before the reset is indeed complete.

Where can I find my router name (ESSID) and wireless encryption key?

Try looking on the underside of your wireless router or wireless modem. Sometimes they are printed on a label affixed to the bottom. Also check your documents for a piece of paper that was printed out after the router was initially set up.

When I do a Factory Reset does that wipe the new firmware?


Where do I locate the MAC address on the CC WiFi radio?

There are actually two MAC addresses on the CC WiFi Radio, a wired Mac address for a hardwire connection, and wireless Mac address for a WiFi connection. You can locate your radios Mac addresses by going to , , , and then select either or .

Is the remote control for the CC WiFi Radio IR or RF?

The remote control is IR.

Will I lose my presets if I unplug the CC WiFi Radio?

No, the radio uses non-volatile memory.



CC Wifi Internet Radio Instruction Manual


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• Item model number: CWF