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260 Disposable Oral Swabs Sterile Untreated & Unflavored Individually Wrap

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No more cheap plastic, easy breaking and swabs coming off. We have focused on assuring that you receive the highest quality of oral swab. Avistar is the only company that offers you 4 different colors in every package. This makes it easy to assign swabs or just switch mix up colors to have variety. No other company offers this convenience. You use up a lot of swabs/toothettes, so you want a lot at an affordable price. Even though we preach quality, we also provide quantity with 260 swabs in each package. Our individually wrapped bulk disposable oral swabs with sterile packaging ensure that your oral care experience is always a safe, convenient and enjoyable one!


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  • Avistar's Disposable Oral Swabs Are Strong, Durable And Ergonomic. By using the strongest materials we have ensured that you never have to experience cheap flimsy plastic or easily breakable swabs again.
  • Easy Of Use & Convenience: Not only are you getting quality and quantity, but you also get variety. Avistar oral swabs come in four beautiful colors: Red, Blue, Green & Pink! (Avistar is the only company to offer color variety)
  • What Makes Avitar Swabs The Best? All of our disposable oral swabs are 6.6 inches long, making it easy for those hard to reach places. Combine that with our individual wrapping and four color variations, Avistar makes your life simple and easy.
  • Why Choose Avistar? Whether you change swabs/toothettes often or they get chewed up because of braces/invisalign, buy Avistar to save money while keeping the quality you deserve. Avistar doesn’t promise quality, it’s guaranteed.


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