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No Power Need Deep Clean Faucet Water Flosser Oral Irrigator

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Our water flosser utilizes water pressure from the faucet to create powerful water jets to wash out bacteria. It cleans all parts of the mouth,
especially the difficult-to-brush areas, such as the important gingival sulcus and interdental space. In addition to being more clean
and refreshing for your teeth and mouth, your gums will also be massaged by the water jet, resulting in healthier gums.

Unique in market 1 - Faucet Usable
Special bronze adapters allow the connection with 3 types of faucets:
Male Faucet (Internal Dimension: 20.2mm-20.8mm);
Female Faucet (Outside Dimension: 23.2mm-23.8mm);
Washing Machine Faucet (Internal Dimension: 19.2mm-19.8mm),
our oral irrigator works for most of household water taps

Unique in Market 2 - Multiple Cleaning Streams + Single Stream Nozzle
Our toothflush comes with 3 pc of the triple water stream jet nozzle, not only more efficient on cleaning gingival sulcus and between teeth,
but also able to clear wide area such as surface of the teeth and tongue, and better massage for gum.

If you accustomed use the single stream nozzle, we prepared for you 3 of single water stream jet with right angle, you can choose the jet as you like.

Unique in Market 3 - Right Angle Convex Nozzles
The common used angled tips usually with the blind areas when washing gaps between molars, because the tip is not point to deep between molars.
But our right angle nozzles are naturally towards to the deep between molars directly.

Unique in Market 4 - Quick Connector with Switching Valve
Switch between water supply for teeth rinsing and daily use costs only one second, not affecting daily usage of water taps for water supply


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Special Offers and Discounts


  • Our water flosser designed with vertical nozzles, compare to the traditional bevel water spray nozzles, our water dental flossers will clean the area a toothbrush can't reach, and very convenient to use it, and deep clean your teeth yourself
  • Multiple Streams + Single Streams: There are 3 of the triple stream nozzles, and 3 of the single stream jet tips, which makes the waterflosser more efficient cleaning. The multiple stream jets enough for your whole family using, every member can choose one of water dental flosser as he/she like
  • Special Bronze Adapters for 3 Types of Faucets: Male Faucet (Internal Dimension: 20.2mm-20.8mm); Female Faucet (Outside Dimension: 23.2mm-23.8mm); Washing Machine Faucet (Internal Dimension: 19.2mm-19.8mm)
  • Wall Mounted Holder: The oral irrigator include 1 of the wall rack, it's very convenient for you to stock the flashing pipes, tooth brushes and the toothpaste, needn't any other space for storing the dental care tools, helps keep your bathing room tidy
  • Multiple Functions Waterflosser: The largest water pressure is very strong, especially with the triple stream nozzles, you can also use it for washing the cream decorating nozzles or something else which difficult to clean

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