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3M Easy Trap Flip Holder, for dusting and sweeping, 4x 23 inch, 6pack

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Give your commercial cleaning crew a secret weapon- 3M Easy Trap Duster- sweep & dust sheets. Compatible with nearly all of your janitorial sweep & dust tools, traps up to 8X more dust, sand & dirt than a competitive sweeping dust cloth brand. The product glides through damp floors and puddles effortlessly to pick up debris with ease. These disposable sheets are made with a minimum of 60% recycled content and are reversible for maximum product usage. Sheets come in rolls of 6” easy tear increments. No janitorial supplies closet would be complete without 3M Easy Trap Duster- sweep & dust sheets. 


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  • 23 inch holder allows hands free use of both sides of 3M Easy Trap Duster Cloth with one flip
  • Clamp firmly holds duster sheet in place during use
  • Wedge profile keeps large debris from tumbling over the holder
  • Holder swivels freely to get into corners and small spaces
  •  Twist holder onto any standard U.S. threaded broom handle (not included)


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