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Active Ankle

Active Ankle T1 Black Hinged Support Brace Guard

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The Active Ankle T1 Orthosis provides both medial and lateral stability to weak or damaged ankles with its rigid side supports and thick foam stirrup. The Active Ankle's bilateral side hinge provides side-to-side stability and prevents inversion and eversion type sprains without sacrificing the ankles flexion and extension movements (up and down motion of the foot). The unrestricted flexion and added neoprene padding for comfort makes this the perfect brace for those with a chronic instability, recent sprain, or prophylactic (preventative) use when rehab activity levels are increased.

Brace features a double strap system and neoprene pads for added support, compression, and security. The Active Ankle T1 is available in black or white and a variety of sizing options, including a children's size (XS). Made by Active Ankle/ Cramer Sports Medicine. 


  • Neoprene padding system provides maximum comfort and compression
  • Two straps and bilateral hinge provide unequaled ankle protection for chronic instability, or preventative use during increased activity
  • Rigid supports help prevent side to side motion


Item Model: Active Ankle T1