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Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Brace Support

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GenuTrain, the active knee support, produces its effect during movement. Here the knitted fabric and the pad compress and massage the soft tissues. The resulting enhanced circulation in the joint capsule and promotion of lymph drainage lead to reduced swelling, pain relief and improved function while, at the same time, taking the strain off the kneecap. The three-dimensional knit ensures an anatomically perfect fit for the GenuTrain. The compression-reduced support edges stop the support cutting into the leg.  


  •  Irritation after an injury, operation or overexertion of tendons, muscles or ligaments
  •  Degenerative changes in the knee (osteoarthritis)
  •  Joint inflammation (arthritis) • Feeling of instability


Fitting GenuTrain 

• Firmly grip the top of the support with both hands
(one either side of the lateral spines) at the level of
the ring-shaped donning aid and pull over the knee
joint until the knee cap is free from pressure and is
surrounded by the silicone insert.
• Adjust as required until a snug fit is achieved. 
• In contact sports a protective covering should be

Removing GenuTrain
To remove the support, pull down at the bottom of
the support on both sides near the stays. To avoid
damaging the support, do not turn it inside out! 

Cleaning instructions
The sewn-in label of the GenuTrain, which contains
information on the product name, size, manufacturer,
washing instructions and CE mark, is located on the
upper edge of the support.