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Bauerfeind Valguloc Bunion Support

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The ValguLoc is an ergonomically preformed orthosis1 for treating deformities of the big toe (hallux valgus). It is worn without shoes, usually at night when the foot is not under strain. The ValguLoc helps correct big toe misalignments. Long-term use stretches the soft tissue and joint capsule and the toe is straightened up by applying small degrees of force.


  • Velcro fastening allows for variable adjustment of the correction pressure
  • Corrects and protects
  • Can be used to treat: Bunions-conservative and postoperative, Turf-toe, Realignment of the big toe, Stabilization of the big toe, Hallux valgus-conservative and postoperative
  • Latex-free construction and hypoallergenic foam material eliminates skin irritation


Item Model: Valguloc