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Blynx BX-F2 HydroClean Deep Cleaning Oral Irrigator Power

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The BX-F2 Hydroclean Countertop Power Flosser by Blynx delivers powerful pulsations of water that help remove bacteria deep between the teeth or below the gum line - where brushing and flossing can't reach.

Advanced Construction

Delivering 1,400 pulses per minute, the Hydroclean Countertop Power Flosser also massages and stimulates the gums to improve circulation while keeping them strong and healthy. Features five pressure control settings, from "Sensitive" (1) to "Deep Clean" (5) for any oral care situation. Whichever mode you choose, the 360 degree rotating nozzle is capable of cleaning even hard-to-reach areas.

Impressive Storage Capacity

The incredible 1600ml water tank holds more than 54 ounces of water, ideal for family use. When not in use, the empty water tank can be turned upside down to enclose the flosser unit for easy storage.

Multi-tool Flosser Tips

The FX-2 includes 8 flosser tips for addressing your every oral care need. Each tip fits neatly inside the built-in storage compartment to keep them clean, dry and out of the way. Tips include:

- Standard Rotating Nozzle (x4): Removes bacteria deep between the teeth and below the gum line.

- Tongue Scraper: Great for cleaning bacteria, food debris and dead cells from the tongue surface.

- Toothbrush Tip: Let's you brush and water floss at the same time.

- Pocket Tip: Special tip designed for low-pressure delivery of therapeutic rinses below the gum line.

- Orthodontic Tip: Cleans between teeth, under bridges and around braces, orthodontic wires and brackets.

Important Note: If water is not flowing, please check to confirm that the water tank is firmly pressed into the irrigator base.


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  • Deep cleaning pulses - 1,400 pulses per minute.
  • Five pressure control settings
  • 360 degree rotating nozzle cleans even hard-to-reach areas
  • High-capacity 1600ml (54 ounce) water tank means no-refilling
  • Includes 8 unique flossing tips for complete oral care

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