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C Crane CC SW Pocket AM/FM Shortwave Pocket & Travel Radio

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In a true testament to its quality and performance, the modestly priced CC SW Pocket has been voted "Best Travel Radio under $200.00" by Passport to World Band Radio. The CC SW Pocket AM/FM/Shortwave Travel Radio has exceptional AM reception and audio quality and is sensitive enough to outperform most radios in its class. And it's small enough to tuck in your carry-on bag, briefcase, purse or backpack.

You can quickly and easily retrieve up to 200 of your favorite AM/FM and Shortwave stations in any order by simply turning the tuning knob and taking advantage of a smart feature called "Favorites". You won't lose the stations saved in the memory when you take out the ThelowexCbatteries.


In the Box: CC SW Pocket AM/FM/SW Radio, Wrist Lanyard, Carry Pouch, Instruction , Manual, One Year Limited Warranty.



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• Beautiful full range audio for such a small size

• Powerful FM reception, Good AM reception

• High Quality AUX input jack for portable players and Headphone jack

• Backlit, Analog Dial - activated when tuning

• AC Adapter included or 6 AA batteries (not included)


• Input Power: AC Adapter: 3VDC 200mA tip negative (not included), Batteries: (2) AA size (not included)

• Speaker: 1¾", 25Ω, 0.5W

• Frequency Coverage: AM 520 - 1710 kHz (10KHz Steps), AM 522 - 1629 kHz (9KHz Steps), FM 70.0 - 108.0 MHz, SW1 2300 - 7500 kHz, SW2 9200 - 22000 kHz

• AM Tuning: 10 kHz or 9 kHz steps

• FM Tuning: 100 kHz steps

• AM Antenna: Internal Ferrite Bar - 7mm x 89mm (3.5") long

• FM Antenna: Telescopic whip antenna

• FM S/N Sensitivity: > 10uV

• AM S/N Sensitivity: > 1 mv/m

• SW S/N Sensitivity: > 30 uV

• AM Selectivity: > 25dB

• Earphone Jack: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo 32 ohm

• Memories: 200

• Lock Switch: Yes

• Sleep Timer: 5-90 Minutes (5 min steps)

• Alarm: Yes

• Clock: 12/24 Hour Modes

• Dimensions: 4.75" W x 3" H x 1.2" D

• Weight: 6.5 ozs

• Warranty: 1-Year Limited

• Included Accessories: Lanyard, Carry Case, Manual


How do I do a complete factory reset?

With the power off, press and hold memory buttons #4 and #6 until the radio beeps four times, the display flashes and three final beeps are heard.

Can the firmware version of my CC Skywave be updated?


I am trying to tune my CC Skywave using the Tuning Knob or the Up/Down buttons on the AM band, but it is not showing my radio station's frequency. What am I doing wrong?

 The radio maybe set to 9 kHz tuning steps instead of 10 kHz tuning steps. To change this, turn the radio off, then press and hold the button preset #0 (9/10kHz) down for 3 seconds or until the display shows the number 10. Turn the radio on and select the AM band. Try tuning the radio using the tuning knob or the Up/Down buttons.

How do I find what firmware version of the CC Skywave that I have?

Press and hold the Preset #1 button down for 3 seconds with radio turned OFF.

Why does the light flash on and off when I turn the radio off?

The Weather Alert is turned on. This is a reminder that the alert feature is on and is working. It is not recommended to leave on frequently when using batteries.

How do I change the audio quality from MUSIC to VOICE?

Press and hold the PAGE button for 3 seconds. You should hear a beep and see the setting change on the screen. To switch back, hold the PAGE button again for 3 seconds.


Manual Downloads

CC SW Pocket Instruction Manual


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