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C Crane Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 – High Power Long Range 802.11 B G N Wireless

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C. Crane is all about reception. In most cases we know how to boost a weak WiFi signal to attain the unattainable.

The Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 plugs into the USB port of your computer for powerful long range WiFi reception. Internal WiFi is not required and installation is a snap. It can help you maintain a network connection of more than 300 feet even through several walls and as an added benefit you can typically find several new wireless networks. In our extreme distance tests we were able to connect to a network a mile away (with no obstructions).

Over the years we have made numerous improvements to this WiFi antenna. It is now weatherproof, IP65 rated and has four times the power of our original version. It is one of the best and most versatile home, mobile and RV WiFi Antennas made.

NOTE: The Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 requires installation of software drivers. Gaming stations such as the Xbox® and the Sony PlayStation®, the iPad®, iPhone® and Android® devices are not capable of installing these software drivers. We are sorry but this antenna sold as is does not work on the MAC OS 10.9.

Update: Now there is a way to connect the Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 to all of your WiFi devices. Our new Super WiFi Repeater Kit will pull in those distant signals for improved reception of almost any WiFi device, including smartphones, tablets and even MAC operating systems (all versions).

In the Box: Super USB WiFi Antenna 3, Software CD, 15' USB Split Cable, 2 Suction Cups, Hook & Loop Mounting Strip, Cable Tie, 2 Rubber Grommets, Lanyard, Assembly & Mounting Guide, Instruction Manual, One Year Limited Warranty.


• Fast Internet and network speed with wireless "N" technology

• Maximum wattage and power allowed by the FCC

• High quality antenna and amplifier for best transmit and receive capability

• Lightweight and portable

• Easy to install software CD for Windows or Mac

• 15' USB split cable included (optional 30' cable available for mast mounting)

• Compatible with Linux Kernel 2.6 and Ubuntu 10.10

• Weight: 1.8 oz. Size: 1.4" W x 10" L x 0.6" D.



• Communication: USB 1.1, USB 2.0

• OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC OS 10.3, MAC OS 10.4, MAC OS 10.5, MAC OS 10.6, MAC OS 10.7, MAC OS 10.8, MAC OS 10.9, Linux Kernel 2.6, Ubuntu 10.10

• Included Accessories: 15 foot USB Cable, Driver CD, Quick Start Guide, Hanging Lanyard, Cable Tie, Hook and Loop Material, (2) Suction Cups, (2) Rubber Grommets


My computer is not showing that the antenna is plugged in. What is wrong?

Check the connection between the antenna and the cable to be sure they are tightly connected. If only one USB port is available, make sure to use the main USB cable connector, not the optional Power Boost connector (single loose connector).

Do I need to use the Ralink WLAN Utility supplied with this antenna?

Installing the “Driver Only” is the easiest way to use your antenna. We recommend that only advanced users and Windows 2000 users install the Ralink WLAN Utility. For more assistance using the Ralink WLAN Utility, refer to the full user manual on the supplied CD.

What does IP65 stand for?

IP followed by two numbers are protection ratings that are applied to indicate how well an enclosures protects against water, dust, oil, or other ingress. These ratings were established by the International Electro Technical Commission. IP itself stands for Ingress Protection. The first number being a 6 means: Totally protected against dust ingress. The second number being a 5 means: Protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted. In layman’s terms it means the product is dust proof and water resistant.

Why are there two USB input connectors on this antenna cable? If I can only use one on my computer which one do I use?

One USB connector is for power and data transfer, the other is for a boost to power. You will want to use the power and data USB connector which is the one with two cables attached to it.

I am using MAC OS and installed the software and hooked up my Super WiFi Antenna-3. It shows successfully connected but I have no IP address and no internet access, why?

It is possible to be using the wrong encryption key and for the software to still say you are connected (because all the steps were followed). Please check your encryption key again to ensure the correct passcode is being used.

I am using MAC OS 10.6 and am having trouble installing the software. What can I do to resolve this?

Please click the Downloads tab on this page and check for the latest driver.

I am planning on using the Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 on a boat. Is there anything extra I should consider?

We recommend that you use Coax Seal to protect the antenna connection from heavy salt water corrosion.

I have Windows 7/Vista and inserted the software CD. I clicked on "Run Autorun.exe" but nothing is happening.

Check the bottom Task Bar area for a security shield or message that is asking permission to install the software. Also, if your computer has a third party Firewall or Virus protection installed, you may have to disable it. Please read the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

My computer is a Mac and I connect to a Secure Network but every time I shut my computer down, I have to reenter the Encryption Key.

Connect to the network and click on “Add Profile”. See “Creating a Profile” on page 12 of the Quick Start Guide for more information.

I use the antenna with my iPad? or iPhone? to increase my WiFi reception?

No. The Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 requires installation of software drivers. The iPad® and iPhone® are not capable of installing software drivers.

Will the Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 work with Windows 8?

Yes it will. In most cases all you have to do is plug in the antenna to your computer using the supplied cable and Windows® 8 will install the device. In some rare cases you will need to be near a hot spot for Windows® 8 to locate the drivers. The drivers on the CD will work but the software will not auto-run when the CD is inserted (you may have to manually start the CD). The drivers are on the page for the antenna under the “downloads” tab for future reference should you need them.



Click Here for Super USB Wifi Antenna 3 Quick Start Guide

Weatherproof the Super USB Wifi Antenna


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