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Cho-Pat Calf Compression Sleeve, Black




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Cho-Pat Calf Compression Sleeve combines warmth, compression, and reinforcement to help reduce pain and discomfort in the calf and enhance healing. It helps to maintain body warmth, improve blood circulation, and give support to the calf – all of which play a role in recovery.

OVERVIEW: We use a four-way stretch material that is anatomically contoured for maximum fit, comfort, and effectiveness. In addition, the knit material is breathable and facilitates the movement of moisture away from the skin. Finally, our American-made sleeve does not contain neoprene or latex.

The Cho-Pat Calf Compression Sleeve is available in three sizes to provide even more specific and effectual results.


• Applies uniform dynamics

• Conforms to the configuration of the thigh

• Comfortable, lightweight, breathable knit material

• Manufactured in the USA

• Latex and neoprene free


• Item model number: CPCCS

CPCCS71X (Small, Black), CPCCS73X (Medium, Black), CPCCS75X (Large, Black)   


Sizing: Measure Circumference at Mid-Calf

Note: For the Shin Splint Compression Sleeve and all the Knitted Compression devices, we suggest ordering a size larger.

• Small - 8 in - 11 in; 20 - 28 cm.
• Medium - 11 in - 14.5 in; 28 - 37 cm.
• Large - 14.5 in - 18 in; 37 - 46 cm.