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DenTek Slim Brush, Mouthwash Blast, 32 Count

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Great on-the-go single use interdental brush.

DenTek Slim Brushes are a disposable, on-the-go, interdental option for flossing and cleaning. Get all of the cleaning ability of traditional interdental brushes, but with a more sanitary single use option in a compact design.

Floss and clean with the most sanitary and only disposable interdental brush on the market.


Don't want to use the same interdental brushes over and over again? DenTek Slim Brushes are single use, but provide as good a clean as traditional interdental brushes:

• 32 count provides 2 to 4 times as many brushes in a pack

• Disposable nature allows for a more sanitary cleaning

• Durable ultra thin tapered brush cleans deep between tight spaces

• Comfort Wire bends for better access but is easy on teeth and gums

• Flexible handle and wire allows the best angle to clean trouble spots


1. Insert between teeth, interdental spaces, or dental appliances.

2. Use a soft back-and-forth motion to remove plaque and food particles.