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Dryguy DG1 Wide-Body Boot Shoe Glove Warmer

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Will not harm boots or liners. The approximate temperature of the air coming out at the nozzle is 105 degrees F / 40.5 degrees C; warm enough to dry without causing damaged. The DryGuy Wide-Body dries quickly, efficiently and quietly, eliminating moisture and preventing growth of bacteria and mold.


  • Dry comfort forced air technology
  • 4 extra tall chambers
  • Dries up to 4 garments simultaneously
  • Heats to 105 degrees F/40.5 degrees C
  • Will not harm any liners or garments
  • High impact lightweight construction
  • Heat/No heat switch
  • Eliminate Odors
  • 3 hour timer


  • Dry time approximately 1-2 hours
  • 120 Volt AC household current
  • Maximum temperature 105 degrees F / 40.5 degrees C
  • 6' cord length
  • 80,000 hour-rated whisper quiet rotary blower