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DW Sonic LX Percussion Massage Gun Powerful Deep Tissue Muscle L-61

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Lifepro is for those who power through hurdles, rise above challenges, and tackle their goals head-on. For those who are focused,driven, and determined to succeed, Lifepro has created a targeted approach to active recovery that harnesses the inherent capacity of our bodies’ built-in repair and recovery mechanisms; activating its latent powers to accelerate recovery rates for those who believe, like we do, in taking an active role in gaining strength,momentum and the wherewithal to do more, achieve more, overcome obstacles, and above all, soar higher.


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    • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE GUN FOR PROFESSIONAL-GRADE RESULTS: We built the Sonic LX muscle massager gun as a robust tool for professional trainers, therapists and chiropractors - and for those looking to get similar results at home. This percussion massager is equipped with an industry leading 2,000 mAh motor for a rapid tension relief massage, with 12mm of amps for an intensely powerful deep tissue massage, and percussion speeds that range from 1800 all the way up to an intense 3400 RPMs.
    • 9 INTENSITY LEVELS + 7 MASSAGE HEADS: This deep tissue massager includes everything you need to treat every type of pain, injury or muscle group. Choose the speed that best suits your client’s needs, from a low pressure 15 Hz all the way through to a powerful 55 Hz. 7 massage heads are included so you can precisely target different problem areas throughout the body.


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