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Finis Wave Monofin

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The Wave is a youth- size recreational monofin that teaches younger swimmers the undulation needed for a proper dolphin kick. Safe to use in a pool, lake or ocean, the Wave will build a child's leg strength and make them a more confident swimmer. The Wave has a built in stability ridge for proper flexion and comes with an adjustable heel strap that can be fitted to men's US shoe sizes 1 to 7 or women's 2-8, making it a great product for beginning competitive swimmers. The Wave comes with quick-release foot straps for added safety and easy adjusting. Plastic protection inserts are included in order to keep the shape of the foot pocket during storage. The Wave is a great swim toy and comes with a signature of approval from Olympic gold medalist and FINIS founder, Pablo Morales.



  • Flexible Blade Makes learning dolphin kick fun and easy
  • Patented Single Blade Design Teaches young swimmers the undulation needed for a proper dolphin kick
  • Build Leg and Core Strength Dolphin kicking activates 60% of your muscle mass, including the core and lower body
  • Stability Ridge Built for proper flexion and speed
  • Stabilization Channels Forces fin to flex in the optimum wave motion
  • Quick Release Straps Provides added safety in the water, while making the fin easy to adjust
  • Open Toe Design Fits men's US shoe size 1-7 or women's 2-8
  • Versatile Can be used in pool, lake or ocean
  • Plastic Protection Inserts Maintains comfortable foot pocket shape during storage


Item model number: 1.35.001