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Jobst ForMen Compression Knee High Socks 30-40 mmhg

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Jobst forMen look just like fine quality dress socks, yet incorporate physician recommended gradient compression to improve blood flow and prevent swelling. Jobst forMen promote continuos releif from tired, aching legs and the pain and discomfort associated with severe varicose veins, venous ulcers and edema, even following sclerotherapy or vein surgery.

Jobst forMen offers style and durability in a lightweight design, ideal for formal or semiformal occasions.


  • Severe varicose veins
  • Lymphatic edema
  • Post sclerotherapy/post vein surgery
  • Venous ulcers, manages manifestations of PTS
  • Manifestations of CVI/CVD, helps prevention of post thrombotic syndrome


  1. Open the leg fabric using both hands and pull over the foot al the way to the heel.
  2. Gradually pull the compression stocking over instep and heel.
  3. Then gradually pull the compression stocking upward by returning the stocking to a right-side out position piece-by-piece.
  4. Then distribute the stocking evenly by massaging with both hands until the stocking fits without forming creases. It is particularly helpful to wear rubber gloves for this step. 

     Care: Machine wash in warm water with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not wring. Do not use fabric softener.


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    • #1 physician recommended compression therapy stockings
    • Latex Free and machine washable
    • The economical choice for quality compression therapy
    • Extra firm compression reduces swelling and appearance of varicose veins
    • Made in the USA
    • Prescription strength medical legwear
    • Gradient compression increases blood circulation from the ankle up
    • Stylish ribbed fabric look just like dress socks
    • Reinforced heel pocket and flat seam toe provide added comfort
    • Go about your normal business while effectively treating leg problems
    • The economical choice for quality compression therapy


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    73% Nylon, 27% Spandex