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LeashLocket Hands Free Dog Leash Magnetically Attaches to Dog's Collar

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Dog owners who like the idea of a hands-free leash for dogs will love the LeashLocket retractable dog leash in the small size weighs just under 3-ounce (72.3 grams). It securely holds dogs up to 55 pounds (in independent testing, the small LeashLocket withstood a pull force of up to 135 pounds) and extends to nearly 6 feet. Ounce for ounce it is the strongest retractable leash on the market that magnetically attaches to your dog’s collar. The LeashLocket comes complete with a collar attachment for your dog’s existing collar or harness (5/8" to 1"). The collar attachment consists of an elastic band embedded with a magnetized metal rivet. Before using LeashLocket for the first time, remove the collar attachment from the packaging and simply snap it around your dog’s collar or harness with the rivet facing outward. Use LeashLocket as you would any retractable leash. Then, when you want your dog to carry the leash, just retract the webbing into the locket and press the brake lock. The LeashLocket is fitted with a magnet on the reverse side designed to snap to the magnetized rivet on the collar attachment that is already on your dog’s collar. Just snap the back of the leash to the rivet – your LeashLocket stays securely in place on your dog’s collar or harness; ready to grab-and-go when you need it. Dog owners can accessorize their LeashLocket with our optional wrist strap included with every LeashLocket. The wrist strap attaches to the D ring on the ergonomic locket and you simply slip your hand through the strap to let LeashLocket hang from your wrist, making clean-ups easy and providing added security as well. LeashLocket also offers helpful and reasonably-priced accessories that can be ordered separately. Dog owners who use their LeashLocket with more than one collar or harness find it useful to have extra collar attachments.


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  • Strongest retractable dog leash, ounce-for-ounce on the market that magnetically attaches to your dog’s collar, Great for hands-free dog walking
  • Weighs just under 4-ounce
  • Uses no cord; just a smooth webbing
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Extends nearly 6 feet


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