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Lice Clinics of America

Lice Clinics of America Lice Remover Kit gel/applicator/lice comb 5.25 oz

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Lice Clinics of America helps parents get rid of lice – safely, quickly, and with confidence.

Daily life with a young, growing child is special, wonderful. Unfortunately, lice can instantly interrupt that and cause confusion, worry, disgust, and aggravation. And parents are often the last people who can afford the time and hassle of dealing with an inconvenience like lice.

Our Lice Remover Kit helps end the frustration and inconvenience of lice, so parents can focus again on what matters most - themselves, their family, and that daily special. How do we do it? We’ve spent more time treating and dealing with lice over the last decade than anyone else in the world. With 300+ urgent care lice clinics across 34 countries, we’ve successfully cured 400,000+ lice infestations.


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  • LICE FREE LICE TREATMENT GUARANTEE — We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back! Please contact Lice Clinics of America with any questions or concerns - or if we can help! We care that your head lice treatment is successful and your family is lice free.
  • EFFECTIVE AGAINST LICE & SUPER LICE – The included liquid gel kills lice AND super lice, and it’s more effective than traditional pesticide-based head lice shampoo treatments.
  • PESTICIDE-FREE, NON-TOXIC FORMULA — Our liquid gel is harsh on head lice, yet doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides, so it’s a safe & effective lice treatment for kids & adults.
  • COMPLETE KIT — Includes everything needed for effective head lice treatment and lice removal: easy-to-use no-mess applicator, 5.25 oz. liquid gel, and premium metal head lice comb.
  • PLEASANT SCENT — The included liquid gel has a great fresh pear blossom scent that mom and kids will love.


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