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MARS WELLNESS POWERTRAQ Sport Orthotic High Arch Support Orthotic Insoles Size F



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The Mars Wellness Powertraq orthotic helps give needed support and comfort for a variety of foot ailments, including plantar fasciitis. The orthotic ’s arch support and heel cushion provide optimal comfort and shock absorption, allowing you to stay on your feet pain-free all day. When you perform standing work all day or intense exercise, you may not realize your feet arch is gradually deforming. Insoles provide support and an extra layer of cushioning to absorb shock from working on hard surfaces, which helps reduce muscle fatigue. This helps you feel more energized throughout the day.


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  • FIRM SHELL - The PowerTraq Sport features a firm, external grooved 3/4 length shell to give support, strength and stability; while still helping to maintain the orthotics shape. The teardrop cutout offloads and reduces pain associated with heel spurs
  • ARCH SUPPORT - The PowerTraq Sport uses an innovative shell to stabilize and support the arch area. This holds the foot in its natural alignment and helps prevent fallen arches
  • HEEL CUP - The PowerTraq Sport uses a deep-cushioned heel cup to help reduce lateral foot movement. The heel cup cradles the foot and is supported by a 3/4 length shell adding more motion control and stability
  • TOP COVER - The PowerTraq Sport applies an innovative anti-bacterial top cover that breathes circulating air throughout the shoe to ventilate the foot with, each steps . Premium top layer wicks moisture away while maintaining a soft layer for extra comfort and dryness
  • NO RISK - Here at Mars Wellness we offer a no risk try, if you are unhappy for any reason, please reach out to us right away so we can get it corrected. 

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