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Maxi-Matic EHD-051B Hot Dog Toaster Oven, 30-Min Timer, Stainless Steel

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Ahhhhh, nothing better than a great hot dog at the ballpark. With the Elite Cuisine Hot Dog Roller/Toaster Oven, you can have that ball park hot dog taste anytime! 5 stainless steel rollers ensure your hot dogs are evenly cooked every time and the built-in toaster makes the perfect bun! The versatility of the Elite Cuisine Hot Dog Roller / Toaster Oven makes preparing a wide variety of other breads and snacks as close as your own kitchen! So let your imagination take over for that next great event at home!


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    • Five stainless steel heated rollers great for cooking hot dogs or sausages on all sides
    • 30 min oven timer
    • Oil Retaining Tray catches oil drippings from cooking hot dogs
    • Great for heating other breads & snacks too.
    • Features 210 total watts of power, auto thermostat, timer, bake tray, crumb tray that removes for easy cleaning, see through oven door and compact design


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