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Miraculous Miracle Fruit Tablets Farm Grown in USA 30 Dissolvable Tablet

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Sometimes referred to as the Miracle Berry, Miracle Fruit is a naturally growing plant first discovered in West Africa. The actual name is "Miracle Fruit" which contains a special protein called "miraculin" that creates this taste altering experience. The plant grows in tropical environments and until recently, has not been grown successfully on a mass scale. Recent improvements in the refinement of propagation and care by the growers at Miracle Fruit Farm have consistently produced healthier plants with more and bigger berries.


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  • 100% Made in the USA and non-GMO; we grow our own miracle fruit!
  • Miraculous Miracle Fruit tablets have a sweet and pleasant taste. The tablet dissolves utilizing "EZ Melts" technology, coating the tongue with a special glycoprotein called miraculin.
  • Effects begin almost immediately: sour becomes sweet, bitterness is diminished, and metallic off-putting flavors are masked for about an hour.
  • Sourced from the Miracle Fruit Farm in Miami, Florida.


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