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Mother To Be

Mother-to-be Maternity Support, Small

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This special support belt is made specifically for expectant moms to help provide relief for strained muscles and ligaments. It effectively transfers the weight of the abdomen to the spine, where your body is better able to handle the weight. Elastic construction helps relieve pressure on the pelvis while supporting the abdomen. The soft, comfortable, hook-and-loop front pad provides additional lift. The reinforced, crisscross design effectively aids shoulder posture restoring appearance and reducing back strain. Velcro adjustments ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Size according to pre-pregnancy dress size: Small (3-8), Medium (9-14), Large (15-18), X-Large (19+). Inserts can be purchased to enhance the Mother-To-Be support belt.


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  • Relieves back pain -- Mother-To-Be relieves strain on muscles and ligaments by transferring the weight of the abdomen to the spine where it can be carried naturally. Relief is immediate.
  • Relieves abdominal muscle and leg pain -- Mother-To-Be lifts and supports the abdomen, reducing pressure at the pelvis and improving circulation in the legs. Pressure on the sciatic nerve is relieved and sciatica is reduced within minutes.
  • Stabilizes the Pelvic Ring -- The normal softening of ligament during pregnancy can cause discomfort, often as SI pain. Mother-To-Be gently compresses the pelvic ring, restoring its integrity and reducing pain.
  • The Abdominal Lift Pad -- The large, cushioned Velcro pad is contoured to provide lift with no undesirable abdominal compression. Once the two ends of the support are attached, the weight of the enlarging abdomen is transferred back to the spine.
  • Accepts Molded and Soft Lumbar inserts.

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