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Mueller 2100 Hinge Hinged Knee Brace Support Protective

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Designed to protect the knee from lateral blows, the Mueller Hinge helps protect the medial collateral ligament and helps reduce the possibility of hyper extension injuries. The patented Triaxial Hinge mimics the natural motion of the knee producing a near-normal full range of motion, protecting the knee joint from lateral blows in all positions without restricting mobility, making it ideal for football. Neoprene Grip Wrap with textured waffle design next to skin helps keep brace in proper position. Lightweight and comfortable. Easily flips to fit either knee without altering the brace.

Care: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. 


  1. Apply Mueller Hinge 2100 to the outside of the knee. Check that the hinge bends in the correct direction.
  2. With the knee in a flexed position, center the middle of the hinge directly over the knee joint.
  3. Fasten the wrap firmly around the calf.
  4. Wrap the outer lower strap securely around the calf muscle.
  5. With the knee still in a flexed position
  6. Stand straight and put weight on leg.
  7. Adjust as necessary.


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  • High strength, patented triaxial hinge allows unrestricted, near-natural knee movement and rolls with knee to protect the joint from lateral blows
  • Neoprene grip wrap with textured waffle design helps keep brace in position
  • Outer stretch loops provide additional stability and compression
  • One piece design makes the brace stronger and easily flips from left to right knee


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  •  One size fits up to 26 in thigh