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Mueller 330 Adjustable Calf/Shin Splint Support

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Helps relieve pain from shin splints and helps stimulate circulation around the calf. This lightweight support gives you the double benefit of calf and shin support through firm, comfortable compression and soothing warmth. Recommended to help relieve discomfort associated with shin splints. 

Care: Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. If brace is used in water, remove hinges after use and rinse off thoroughly.


  1. Place support along calf just below the knee with straps to the side.
  2. Secure lowest strap first
  3. Continue securing the remaining straps, from bottom to top.


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  • Soft neoprene blend retains body heat to help stimulate circulation with soothing warmth
  • Wraparound design and three adjustable straps provide controlled compression and a custom fit
  • Fully-trimmed edges with smooth seams help prevent irritation


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Natural Rubber Latex



  • Reg Fits 8"-16" 20-40 cm
  • Large Fits 11"-20" 27-50 cm