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Mueller 431019 Lip & Mouthguard Football Rugby Full Support




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Condition: New

Helps provide protection to your mouth during contact sports. Enables athlete to breathe freely and fully. One size provides wearing comfort for most teens and adults. Boil to customize fit.



  • Boil water in small pot. Also, fill another container with cold water. Remove from heat and place next to container of cold water. Let stand for 30 seconds. 
  • Hold the mouthguard by the strap and submerge the mouthguard in HOT water for 35 seconds. (USE a watch with a second hand for accurate timing.) Keep the strap and lip guard out of the hot water.
  • After 35 seconds, remove the mouthguard from to HOT water and dip it into COLD water for one second. Inmediately place guard in mouth while looking in mirror.
  • With the upper teeth centered in the channel, push guard up and back with your thumbs until rear molars are covered. Then bite gently into guard and suck out the air and water in the guard while pressing tongue against the back of the upper teeth until a tight fit is obtained arounde the teeth.
  • Leave guard in mouth for 30 seconds, then remove and place under cold running water. 


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  • Allows full breathing and wearing comfort
  • Black
  • Each
  • In retail pack


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    Shock Doctor Mouthguard Case





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    No boiling or custom fitting is required.

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    Made with latex free material.