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Pedag 134 Drop Metatarsal Pads

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The metatarsal pad: a remedy against splayfoot problems. The first signs of a beginning splayfoot condition are burning and stinging pains in the forefoot. The Pedag’s orthopedic pads help the metatarsal bones to regain their anatomically correct position, thus alleviating the symptoms. They are easy to fix thanks to their self-adhesive foil. It also help relieves the nerve pain and the burning and stinging of metatarsalgia and Morton's Neuroma.


  • Support and cushions the transversal arch
  • Help to recover normal alignment
  • Fits most footwear


Item Model Number: Article No. 134


  • Small/ Women's 5-7
  • Medium/ Women's 8 - Men 7
  • Large/ Women's 11 - M 10
  • Xlarge/ Women's 11 - M 13