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Compression therapy for vulvar varicosities or the feeling that "everything is going to fall out the bottom"

During pregnancy, vulvar varicosities can occur for many reasons. Increased weight of the enlarged uterus sometimes creates pressure on veins in the pelvic area and interferes with the flow of blood returning from the legs.

Naturally higher levels of estrogen promote growth, while increased progesterone tends to relax the smooth muscles of the vein walls. The relaxed veins can become distended and "pop out" as vulvar varicosities. Buy This Product Now! Wearing the V2 supporter before rising in the morning, helps prevent excessive swelling of the vulvar veins.

The V2 Supporter provides clinically proven compression and pelvic floor therapy.


• Gently improves posture while easing many discomforts felt during pregnancy

• Lifts weight from the pelvis improving circulation and reducing leg and ankle swelling

• Soft, flexible and comfortable elastics lay flat against the skin so there is no bulk under clothing

• Open abdominal design is cool and comfortable

• Enthusiastically recommended by healthcare professionals

• For proper sizing, please measure your tummy where the support band will sit and refer to the size chart

The V2Supporter is:
• Doctor recommended
• Adjustable for maximum comfort and support
• Safe, effective, and convenient
• Soft, lightweight, machine washable (line dry)

Recommended for is:
• Vulvar Varicosities (also used post sclerotherapy)
• Lympedema
• Perineal edema
• Incontinence
• External prolapsed bladder or uterus