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Pro-Tec Athletics Elbow Power Strap

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The Pro-Tec Elbow Power Strap is a direct pressure below elbow that alleviate conditions of lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), medial epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow), supinator muscle strain, and tendonitis. The pressurized tubing applies effective, tender compression; pinpointing target zone.It is made with plush-back elastic which lays flat and stretches, letting uninhibited complete range of motion. It is also very Comfortable and breathable. The Elbow Power Strap is effective for supinator muscle strain, medial and lateral epicondylitis.

What is Epicondylitis: Epicondylitis is a strain or tear of the forearm muscle attachments at the point of insertion to the epicondyle (bony prominence) on the elbow.


• Targeted Compression Absorbs Stress
• Reducing Forces to the Elbow
• Stabilizes Soft Tissue
• Allows uninhibited mobility
• Reduced Pain


Item model number: 4000 (Small), 4001 (Medium), 4002 (Large), 4003 (XL)


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