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Pro-Tec Athletics

Pro-Tec Athletics Back of Knee Compression Wrap

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The Pro-Tec Back of knee brace helps to alleviate pain in back of knee. It alleviates posterior knee pain triggered by tendon or soft tissue injuries, such as: posterior or meniscal tear, popliteus tendinitis and lower hamstring strain. Additionally, it may relieve signs of peroneal and tibial nerve entrapment. It works by providing targeted compression to alleviate tendon or soft tissue and decrease strain to area. The Pro-Tec back of the knee comes with a Cool Max covered felt compression pad that provides intensive compression on target zone. The Neoprene wrap stretches to permit user to control compression level. Non-slip backing keeps wrap from sliding out of position. It is best recommended for must common knee injuries such as: Posterior behind knee pain, related to posterior meniscal tear, popliteus tendinitis and lower hamstring strain.


• Comfortable Compression reduces strain behind knee
• Helps reduce pain in back of knee
• Comperssion Pad provides targeted compression
• Greater Stability less pain


Item model number: 1700 (One Size)