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Pro-Tec Sacroiliac SI Back Belt Pad Support

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The Pro-Tec sacroiliac back belt relieve lower back pain and it is recommended in the treatment to relief the sacroiliac joint syndrome, a disorder that origins pain in the lower back region. The sacroiliac belt also offers stability to the hips and sacrum. The SI Back Belt is wrapped lower on the back, around the hips, than most back supports belts. The compression pad combines with a second set of outer straps to apply effective compression on the sacrum. A non-slip gel supports to keep the SI Belt in place. The back belt is best recommended to treat Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome: Pain related to the connection between your tailbone (sacrum) and Pelvic Bone (ilium) or Lower back Strains and Tightness.


• Alleviates low back pain
• The S.I. Belt stabilizes the Hips and Sacrum
• Reduce Strain to the lower back
• Available in 3 sizes Small, Medium and Large


Item Model: S.I. Back Belt