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Pro-Tec Shin Splint Wrap One Size

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The Pro-Tec Shin Splints are made of contoured EVA foam that applies more targeted and more effective compression. Its Heat sealed pad cover reduces stitching creating a minor profile and more comfortable support. It alleviates pain and discomfort associated with Shin Splints. Also Reduces symptoms of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome and Anterior Shin Splint. The Shin Splint Compression Wrap applies mild pressure on soft tissue next to the tibia (shin bone), aiding prevent extra tearing of the soft tissue away from the tibia.

The Compression not only decreases additional damage, it also alleviates pain and improves the healing process. Additionally, it targeted pressure will absorb stress to the tibia. It is best used on the following common injuries: Medial (inside) and anterior (Front) Tibial stress syndrome as well as general pain and tightness and the lower leg region.

• Reduce Pain
• Directional wrap stabilizes soft tissue up against the tibia
• Compression pad provides targeted compression


Item Model: Shin Splint