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Pro-Tec The Clutch Wrist Brace

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The Clutch Writ sleeve promotes support by steadying the wrist. It is most effective for supporting most wrist related sports injuries. It offers effective relief for most wrist injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome. The Clutch wrist support Works neutralizing the wrist's ability to twist, reducing pressure on the median nerve. It also may relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Clutch Sleeve Sport brace provides stabilization, to enhance the healing process and help prevent further injury. Best used on common injuries such as Wrist Sprain: Common sports injury involving the stretching or tearing of the ligaments in the wrist. Carpal tunnel Syndrome: Excessive repetitive motion resulting in the pinching of the median nerve.

• Dorsal Stays for added stability
• Velstrech for Support control
• Cool Max Covered palm

Item model number: 2600 R (Small), 2602 R (Large)



Small 5"-6.5"

Large 6"-8"