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Pro-Tec The Lift Patellar Knee Sleeve




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The Pro-Tec the Lift knee sleeve provides the benefits of a patellar tendon strap, plus better warmth and extra support. The Lift sleeve eases conditions of tendinitis, chondromalacia, arthritis, Osgood-Schlatter's Disease and other knee ailments. The elastic band over infrapatellar buttress offers a gentle lift to the patella, releasing pressure. Additionally, the compression on patellar tendon aids spread pressure regularly across the patellar tendon, reducing distress and irritation. The Knee sleeve provides warmth and compression, helping circulation, which can improve the healing process.

The Lift sleeve combines and has the benefits of a patellar tendon strap and a knee sleeve that offers a unique functionally as a knee braced . While in use, you can control the volume of support you deem essential by adjusting the elastic patellar tendon strap. The infrapatellar buttress delivers extra support as the strap is stretched over it.

• Lift to patella helps alleviate knww pain
• Comnines benefits of a patellar tendon strap and knee sleeve
• Promote circulation & healing
• Exterior strap stretches under patella allowing you to control the amount of support
• Endorsed by Gary Sato D.C., Olympic Gold Medal

Item model number: 7000 (Small), 7001 (Medium), 7002 (Large), 7003 (XL)



Small 13"-14.5"

Medium 14.5"-16"

Large 16"-18"

X-Large 18"-20"