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RumbleRoller Rumble Roller Deep Tissue Massage

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When you roll on a conventional foam roller, a compressive force is generated. The amount of compression depends on the size of the contact patch between the roller and your skin. For a typical 6" diameter foam roller, that contact patch is large, so the amount of compression is small and the effect on deeper tissues is very limited.

To counter this limitation, athletes often progress to smaller and harder rollers, or even PVC pipe. A downside of that approach is that smooth, hard rollers don't conform to the shape of your body. While they may have the intended effect in some areas, they don't work well around bony areas - e.g. your pelvis, spine, and scapula.

2 Firmness Options 

  RumbleRollers don't break down like other foam rollers, but their bumps will soften slightly during your first month of use. However, keep in mind that your muscles also become more supple with regular massage and will require less aggressive care to maintain.

Firmer isn't always better. Going too firm jeopardizes your ability to use your roller on all body parts or to relax your muscles fully. So choose the firmness that best matches your current needs.

  • ORIGINAL (blue): With very firm but flexible bumps, this model comes closest to mimicking thumb pressure. Great for all body parts, and works better around bony areas. Recommended for both beginners and experienced users.
  • XFIRM (black): Extremely firm (about 36% firmer than Original), and only recommended for experienced users with especially dense muscle tissue that doesn't respond to normal massage pressure. This model does dig deeper into thicker muscles, but may be too painful to use on some body parts.


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      Waterproof and Latex Free



      6" dia x 31" long (150 x 790mm)
      The ultimate deep-tissue roller for gyms and professional users.

      5.5" dia x 22" long (140 x 550mm)
      Long enough to roll your full back or both legs at once, but less costly and easier to store than the Full-size.

      5" dia x 13" long (125 x 330mm)
      Perfect for travel - fits inside most gym bags and suitcases.