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Sequoia Fitness Defender Body Fat Caliper

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Defend yourself against fat with the new Defender Body Fat Caliper. Can you meet the military standards for physical readiness? Lose and measure your fat loss now - get physically stronger - and win the fat war today. Includes slide wheel charts to measure body fat, so it is easy to use. Plus the caliper has a colorchanging piece to make sure you have the most accurate pressure when taking the measurement. Instructions included. 


• Combat Fat with the Defender Body Fat Caliper, the only body fat measuring device with a Visual Pressure Indicator -- for guaranteed accurate results 

• Correct Pressure = Accurate Results. Simply pinch on your measurement sites and the Visual Pressure Indicator turns from Red to Green letting you know when to release the caliper. 

• Once you let go, the measurement arrow stays fixed for easy results. 

• The New Defender Body Fat Results Wheel makes it easy to Instantly Calculate Body Fat %. 

• Simply line up your age with the total of your readings and your body fat % appears in the window 


Included in package: Defender Body Fat Caliper, Defender Body Fat Results Wheel, User Manual with Body Fat Measurement Techniques, Caliper Instructions, Body Fat Standards Charts, & Body Fat Tracking Chart.