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SleepPhones Sleeping Aid Headphones Headband, Fall Asleep Faster

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SleepPhones™, developed by a family physician, feature a soft fleece headband with thin padded high-quality speakers hidden inside. Small enough to tuck into a purse, briefcase or carry-on, the lightweight and washable fleece headband stays snug for a comfortable fit, blocking noise and offering full stereo separation for the listener without tangled earbuds or bulky headphones.

Sleep Better

Plug SleepPhones into your CD player, iPod or MP3 player to listen to your favorite Hemi-Sync titles for a comfortable, restful sleep. Or, use them for general listening of your favorite music, audiobooks, or anything you like.


• Patented design for soft superior fit all night long

• Machine washable fleece headband with removable speakers

• High-quality integrated thin padded speakers

• Plugs into almost all audio devices

• All cords are 48 inches long.


• Fall asleep faster, drug free

• Blocks out noises, without painful ear plugs

• Relax with music, stress free