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Sof Sole

Sof Sole Fit Neutral Arch Insoles Performance Footwear




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Sof Sole Fit Series insoles work with your specific foot type to promote your foot's natural range of motion, improving footwear fit, performance and comfort. The Fit ID system is designed to help active individuals find the right insole for sustained comfort and support. Just step on the FIt ID pad then choose the Sof Sole Fit insole that matches your imprint.


  • 3.0cm Arch Height
  • 35 durometer foam in forefoot
  • 55 durometer foam in heel/arch
  • Anatomical nylon plate


Item Model: Neutral Arch Insole


  • W 9-10/M 7-8
  • Men's 9-10
  • Men's 11-12
  • Men's 13-14