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Tecnomed Fitness Waist Belt - Body Shaper




TECNOMED is currently the best waist belt cutting available worldwide, with this belt unwanted inches will drop around the waist in a short time also helps provide support to the abdomen and lower back, the belt has a unique design that emphasizes proper alignment in your core muscles. Most of the stress and damage is put on the lower back while exercising, Tecnomed trimmer waist belt is available in small, medium and large, it also comes available in 7 different colors: yellow-black, orange-black, pink, black, Blue-Black, Purple-Black, Green-Black and Black totally. (The belt is not built with neoprene) construction Unique design which offer the best quality results on your waistline, trainning Avoid hard without adequate protection Core muscle.


• The same used by Michelle Lewin, Sascha Fitness and many more top fitness celebrity

• Increases stability for weightlifting and physical activity

• Helps to reduce unwanted inches around the waist in a short time

• Unique design that emphasizes proper alignment in your core muscles

• The Best Waist Shaper Belt

• Helps to provide you the best support to abdomen and Lower back

• Lowers risk of injury

• Double adjustment system for optimal fit and comfort 


TECNOMED Gaza is the part that can not miss on your Activities Fitness. Designed with quality materials like supports lumbar and abdominal support while you shape your waist and Measures Reduce, specifically covering the area where usually form in ESOs Annoying Cauchitos Having all the girls hate.

The effect of molding occur due April 1 Strong leagues 2 on each side which fit strong Thick magical way with 2 fasteners (Velcro) around your waist and help reduce the waist area. This band has four stabilizing rods to prevent the strip rolling up and in turn stabilize your posture correct shape during use.

Sizes according to your waist size (measured at the navel)

• Up to 76cms size S waist.
• Up to 86cms size M waist.
• Up to 105cms size L waist.
• XL size 105cms Forward.