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Tenex Tennis Golf Carpal Tunnel Elbow Shock Absorber

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Lightweight, elegant and comfortable Tenex Elbow Shock Absorber features an adjustable, self-gripping, wrist band with a soft, breathable backing. Worn just above the wrist bone, Tenex Elbow Shock Absorber fits snugly and comfortably. Do not overtighten. You may want to adjust the band for comfort after a brief period of wear. The strap can be removed and washed; then, simply re-inserted into the Tenex module.

How does it work?
Tenex Elbow Shock Absorber utilizes a high density liquid formula designed to absorb vibration at the wrist before it can travel to the sensitive tendons of the carpal tunnel. When TENEX Elbow Shock Absorber is subjected to impacts (even minute) from repeated shocks and vibrations, it creates a continuous counterwave action inside the spherical module which neutralizes the force of impact and any resulting harmful effects to the tendons.


  • Tested at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of British Columbia
  • Absorbs 70% of harmful vibration
  • Protection from Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Carpal Tunnel
  • Day-to-day use protection from muscle stress and fatigue
  • Recommended by Doctors


Item Model: Tenex Elbow Support