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VARO Portable WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Speaker, Water-Resistant Speaker



Condition: Like New

Your Varo WiFi system can connect up to 8 Varo speakers at once using the latest WiFi technology. You can play the same song on all 8 Speakers, or play a different song on each of the 8 Speakers. Each Speaker also features Bluetooth, Aux-In, and USB functionality along with a rechargeable battery so you can enjoy your music whenever you'd like.

Note: Only one Speaker included


  • Control multiple speakers independently or in combination to create wireless surround sound
  • Download the Varo WiFi controller to stream music form your favorite music apps
  • Traditional Bluetooth allows for streaming where WiFi isn't available
  • Built-in Samsung rechargeable batteries enable portability and usage when not connected to a power source


Item Model: Varo Wifi Speaker