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Fajate Virtual Sensuality 438 Slim and Firm Control Bodysuit




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The Slim and Firm Control Bodysuit is the answer to all your body shaping wishes! The compressive design and antibacterial fabric are features that make the bodysuit ideal for post-surgery or postpartum wear, but of course the benefits don’t stop there!

The compression points are placed so that your abdomen, legs, and back, get full support and a slim and smooth look, while your rear is lifted, and your bust gets a visible lift. The wide adjustable straps allow you to decide how intense the push-up effect is. And now that you can get the slim and flawless look you desired, there’s nothing stopping you from rocking a tight-fitting dress at any party!


Generates a constant pressure over the abdomen, back and legs, reducing immediately one size and with its continuous use eliminating localized fat and molding your body.

Recommended Uses:

• This product can be used as a post-pregnancy, as a gluteus enhancer, post surgery or to reshape your body.

How it works:

• With power-net compression that works the abdomen, tights and inner-thighs and lifts up the gluteus.
• The power-net slightly massages the body to soother it. Its design is seem less allowing you to wear any type of clothing.


• Ultra flat zipper

• Enhance waistline

• Flattens abdomen

• Back support

• Lifting buttocks

• Molding legs

• Interior hooks for safety and support

• Opening lingerie part

• Gradual straps 3 positions

  • It increasesits effectby performing aphysical activity
  • Buttocklift
  • It helps defineabdominal
  • Moldedhips
  • You can usetheVirtual Sensuality Cosmetics Body Perfection Slimming Gel
  • Reduce in a natural way.
  • Capri Style