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Wahl 79524-5201 Pro Hair Cutting Kit Professional Barber Machine Clipper

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Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro 25 pc #79524-5201TRIMMER BATTERY INSTRUCTIONS select clipper kits include a battery trimmer , your kit may or may not include a trimmer • Remove battery cover from clipper by pushing in and back on the plastic do or in the direction of the arrow • IMPORTANT : be sure to insert the negative (-) end of each battery first , so that it depresses the spring at the top of the battery compartment , then slide the positive (+) end into position . Do not allow the negative terminal clips to bend and cut the casing of the batteries . Use alkaline batteries with your Wahl trimmer . Alkaline batteries will provide the longest operating time before battery replacement is needed . Trimmer should run approximately three hours on alkaline batteries • Replace battery cover to its original position . • Move switch to "ON" position to use • To maximizes battery life, trimmer should be shut "OFF" immediately after using


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  • HIGH QUALITY HOME HAIRCUTS: A complete kit for home hair cutting & trimming, the Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro includes a quality clipper & guide combs, cordless touch-up trimmer, styling shear, and everything you need to achieve the precise style you want
  • COMPLETE HAIR CUTTING KITS OR SINGLE TOOLS: Whether you trim your hair between trips to the salon or barber, need beard or nose hair trimmers, or a complete hair cutting kit, Wahl has the high quality hair cutting and personal grooming tools you need


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