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Cast Iron New York Strip Steak with Maple Garlic Butter

Posted on September 09 2019


The Perfect Steak with Maple Garlic Butter. I like to grill a lot and there is nothing better then grill a Steak with butter and cooked over Charcoal. I like this recipe because you have to used a little of cooking skills and to sweat a little cooking the steak next to the fire. The interaction with your family members or your friends is unforgettable. Having a cold beer or a nice cocktail with them waiting for the food to be done is a must have. They will be delighted with the explosion of flavor that you will be able to developed from this dish. The steak, Zucchini, Baby Potatoes, and Tomatoes all cooked in their all elements is a wonderful experience.


1 NY Strip Steak about 8oz per person

1 Zucchini bout about 2 person

1 pound of Colored Baby Potatoes for about 4 person

4-5 Cloves of Garlic

2 Tbsp of Olive Oil

1 bunch of Thyme

1 cup of Butter

For the Rub: Salt, Pepper, Maple Sugar, and Dry Rusted Garlic Powder


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