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Flor De Jamaica Hibiscus Rosella Flowers Herbal Tea Dried 100% Natural




Condition:  Fresh straight from Florida Farms

Dried hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus Petals. Also named Jamaica in Spanish or Flor de Jamaica.

Simmer a cup of Jamaica (hibiscus) flowers in a quart of water, leave it simmer and let it cool down in the refrigerator. Get a strainer and strain the petals and add sugar to your taste or more water if it's too if need it.

Dried hibiscus flowers are known in Mexico as Jamaica have been available in health food stores in the U.S. for years. They are good for making a tea that is high in vitamin C. With the advent of interest in south-of-the-border cuisine, hibiscus flowers are sold in bags. This drink is particularly good for people who have a tendency, temporary or otherwise, toward water retention: it is a mild and completely natural diuretic.

Hibiscus is also called Rosella (roselle, Jamaica sorrel, karkadé). It's good to soothe colds, open blocked nose, clearing up mucous, as an astringent, promoting proper kidney function, helps digestion, a tonic, a diuretic and helps reduce fever. Some people call Hibiscus the "other cranberry" or habiscus.

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