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Ann Chery

Ann Chery 4015 Clasica de Lujo Waist Cincher (Lujo Collection)




Ideal to wear for quality lycra fabric, can adhere to the body like a second skin If, just as it is reducing the latex having built internally. Ann Chery top producer of the best girdle and waist trainer products, comes the Ann Chery Luxury Classic Waist Cincher - 4015. This classic waist cincher is a full body shaper that reduces inches in the waist, hips, and abdomen effectively. It is comfortable enough to be worn underneath clothing, so you can slim and shape your body all day long. It is entirely latex-free to be gentler on your skin and body. The luxury exterior finish makes it even more comfortable. This does not mean it is less effective at body shaping, however. In addition to slimming and shaping your figure, it will support your lower back and correct posture. Being available in black or beige, this waist cincher is sensual and soothing. Three rows of hooks allow it to be as flexible in sizing as possible, which provides the best fit. Contour your waist for an hourglass figure without putting up with an uncomfortable or unsightly girdle.


• High compression.

• Lose inches instantly.

• Reduce waist and abdomen


• Item model number: 4015