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Fajate Virtual Sensuality 9002 Plantilla Post Surgery Abdominal Compression Lipo Board Flat Abs Pad

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Going through post-surgery or postpartum recovery can make you feel insecure about your tummy area. The Abdominal Pad for a Flat Tummy is used for solving that issue! You can get an instant confidence boost by getting that flat abdomen look that we all work hard for! You just have to place the pad between your tummy and your undergarment of choice, and enjoy the look of a flat abdomen while wearing your favorite outfits! The pad is reusable, so you can easily hand-wash it and use it again and again!


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  • The purpose of the board is to flatten the abdominal skin after liposuction or tummy tuck
  • Foams help give extra compression in addition to the garment.
  • Easy to use, you just need to place it between the panty or girdle to hold up to your abdomen or at the level it feels comfortable to use
  • It is NOT disposable and can be used repeatedly Hand wash and dry, not machine wash or tumble dry


  • Item model number: 9002
  • Measures: 10.75 inches (W) x 9.75 inches (H)